Together with our partner Khrome, we are designing the 200 m² special area on the trendy topic of analog photography. The world of analog photography will be brought together here. Visitors will experience exciting attractions and meet well-known influencers and photographers from the industry.

Slow Photography

About Khrome

KHROME is not a classic photo specialty store, but a place full of personality that celebrates analog photography and preserves its value for future generations. That's why the store also includes a studio space, a camera loan service, and a lab where films are professionally developed, among other things.

Of course, we also offer to digitize the developed negatives for use on social media. Shooting is analog, but showing is digital.

Oliver Heinemann,
Managing Director, KHROME

Programme Highlights

Brendan Barry

Photographed from a container

Another highlight is photographer, educator and camera technician Brendan Barry. Whose creative photographic practice combines elements of construction, education, performance and participation. His work is primarily concerned with the transformation of various objects and environments into spaces capable of viewing and capturing a photographic image. On Saturday 10/15 and 10/16 Brendan Barry will be photographing on the space from a container.

Sarah Ploss

Meet Sarah Ploss on all days at Photopia!

Sarah aka grossstadtklein has been living in Hamburg for 8 years. Over the years she runs a blog since 2012 and has developed a great passion for photography, as well as social media.



Mario Azendorf

Upcycled cameras

Martin Azendorf transforms old cameras into functioning pieces of jewelry. He gives you an insight into his work and shows you how to upcycle or personalize cameras. Working on old camera technology requires a lot of craftsmanship and special knowledge about the structure and functions. With viekl passion Martin Azendorf brings cameras that are 50 years and older back to work!

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Tiffany Roubert

Tiffany Roubert is a French photographer living in London (UK). She graduated with a Master in Documentary Photography from the University of the Arts London.

She will present a mix of intimate portraits and moody travel photography shot on 35mm & medium format.

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Jan C Schlegel

Schlegel became interested in photography at the age of 14. After his education and a seminar at the State School of Photography, he discovered his fondness for black-and-white photography.

Since 1998, Schlegel has regularly traveled to remote places cut off from the Western world. On his travels, he portrays people traditionally living in tribes and captures their habits photographically. In doing so, he creates artistic photographs while documenting the lives of the people. Through his art, Schlegel champions the distinctiveness and individuality of cultures.


Fredrik Clement

With his book project: No Place Like Home, a photographic portrait of the surfing community on the northern Atlantic coast of Jutland, Denmark, has been created

Photographer Fredrik Clement has shot exclusively on film over a two-year period, documenting the diverse local surfing community in the area of Thy, Denmark.

His goal is to portray this place and the community around surfing in my own way, "I have strived to capture the light, the atmosphere and the emotions. The experience of being on the water."

  •     24 x 30 cm bound in linen
  •     132 black and white images
  •     192 pages of duotone images printed on 150 gsm Tatami White paper
  •     Printed by Naranya Press
  •     Designed by superschwarz

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Marc Krause

Marc Krause's passion for modern, graphic photography developed from an early age and remained with him throughout his art studies.

The influence of strong graphic elements in his work is unmistakable and adds calm and stability to his portrait, fashion and still life work. He loves to stage the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

His approach and use of light give his subjects an honest, natural and modern look.

Currently Marc lives in Frankfurt and focuses on portrait and fashion photography.

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Ferry Mohr

Ferry Mohr is a German photographer and art director. He currently lives and works between Bologna, Berlin and his hometown Düsseldorf. His career in the advertising and fashion industry has led him to look closely at and enhance the entire creative process from start to finish.

His approach is to subtly intertwine the languages of art and fashion by staging compositions with analogue photography and almost exclusively natural light. Or rather, he likes to build a studio lighting setup that is soft and ethereal. His immediate surroundings have always inspired him, whether it's the majestic glow of the Rhine outside his Düsseldorf studio or the mist of the Po Valley and the rolling hills of Bologna that seem to permeate his abstract landscapes. This is sometimes evident in Mohr's use of motion blur to cast his subjects or models into a haze, a liminal space between abstraction and figuration. His work explores the boundaries between the real and the imagined, the presence and poetics of time and place in atmospheric but minimalist tableaux.

Mohr has worked for brands such as About You, Beaufille and Galvan London, as well as for publications GQ, CAP 742 024, Marie Claire and L'Officiel Malaysia, to name a few.

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