... is a one of a kind happening that brings alive the fascination of photography and videography through a collective playful experience. The four-day live event offers magical spaces to try out new creative ideas and equipment and supports the concept of sharing – from expert know-how on site to extensive content available online on the community platform.

A paradise

... for photo and video fans as well as all the smartphone users who strive for better pictures. And of course an ideal location for established and up-and-coming players of the imaging industry to show their products here.


The innovative PHOTOPIA Hamburg concept is thoroughly convincing. We at Leica believe that this new festival provides the ideal combination of user experience, photo culture, and retail.

Falk Friedrich,
Managing Director, Leica Camera Deutschland

Much more than a trade show. A real occasion.

Inspiration occurs when we experience something special and share it with others. At events that actively involve people – offline and online. For this reason, PHOTOPIA Hamburg is an exciting system of three interwoven concept elements. PHOTOPIA Summit, PHOTOPIA Festival and PHOTOPIA 365 create a new form of industry platform. A unique system of inspiration for users – from smartphone owners to imaging pros. And a business platform for established players and newcomers not just from Europe, but all over the world.


Four days live. 365 days online.

PHOTOPIA Hamburg will become the destination for inspiration and interdisciplinary discourse at both a B2C and B2B level. Not just four days a year, but on an ongoing basis. With the motto "Share your vision", the industry is looking to a future in which smart imaging solutions will enrich the lives of more and more people.


With this innovative format we want to let a large audience enjoy the fascination of photography, video filming and other imaging technologies by allowing them to be actively involved. This event not only provides a platform for professional and hobby photographers, dealers and fans of photo culture but also, and expressly so, for the huge audience of smartphone owners who use their devices to take pictures and to communicate through images on a daily basis.

Bernd Aufderheide,
HMC President and CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH

Be there

... and show what modern imaging technology makes possible today!

The first-ever PHOTOPIA Hamburg

... will take place at the Hamburg exhibition complex from 23 to 26 September 2021, accompanied by a Festival held throughout the city. It will be an annual event. PHOTOPIA will attract exhibitors from the entire world of imaging, showcasing products and services related to photo and video recording, editing and processing, storage, displaying and sharing, including software and technology companies and many start-ups. It is open to all photography and filming professionals and enthusiasts. Apart from dealers, professional photographers, semiprofessionals, hobby photographers and photography enthusiasts, the target audience expressly includes smart phone owners who like to use their devices for recording, editing and sharing photos and videos. Exhibitors will be able to register from the beginning of September 2020. Apart from PHOTOPIA Hamburg, HMC has been hosting the highly successful FOTOHAVEN HAMBURG for the past three years, which is part of the oohh! FreizeitWelten trade fair. Open to the general public, it has since become a major meeting place for northern Germany’s photo community. It mainly focuses on travel and outdoor photography and is geared towards ambitious and aspiring hobby photographers.



Heiko Zimmermann

Business Unit Director / Project Director

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Mareike Kitsch

Sales Manager

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Christian Popkes


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