Bring your art to life!

You take cool photos and have always wondered how you can make them come alive? Quite simply through augmented reality!
Through this technology, your picture can come to life thanks to your smartphone.

Together with our partner nextReality.Hamburg e.V. we are hosting an Open Call for ARtists!
Whether you want 3D worlds or 2D animations to appear over your image - there are no limits to your imagination. Join now and submit your artwork to us!

How does it work?

Using the application form, simply submit your idea for your photo, as well as the description of how you want to bring it to life (2D/3D animation or video as overlay). If you have an existing picture of yourself that you would like to bring to life, feel free to attach it. To give us a better picture of your previous work, it would be helpful for us if you would upload some of your work. If your idea is selected, we will provide you with a creator interface and support you in bringing the WEBXR Experience to life. Deadline for participation is August 14,2022.

What happens with the result?

Your picture will be digitally exhibited on our XR area at PHOTOPIA Hamburg from 13. to 16.10.2022. Next to the picture we will place a QR code. Via this code, visitors can experience your artwork live without an app.

We are looking forward to your idea!

Apply now

Try it here!

You can't imagine how it should look like? Then try it out here!

Simply scan the QR code of the desired example with your smartphone and enjoy the show.


Terms Of Participation