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"Far and Wild" – Powered by GDT

At the new Special Area "Far and Wild" you could discover the fascinating world of nature photography at PHOTOPIA Hamburg. In cooperation with our partner, the renowned Gesellschaft für Naturfotografie e.V. (GDT), we presented an extensive range of products for all nature lovers and photography enthusiasts on 120 m². The GDT contributed its many years of expertise and offered a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of nature photography and learn from the best photographers in the industry.

On this space, GDT designed a lecture and networking area. There, experts provided exciting insights and valuable tips on nature photography - fascinating stories behind the images and first-hand info on how to improve your own photographic skills. The area also offered the opportunity to network, exchange ideas with like-minded people and professionals, and learn from their experiences. Here, questions could be asked and valuable connections made in the world of nature photography.

The GDT presented impressive photographs of the European Wildlife Photographer competition at the Area and showed on the show stage in a colorful lecture program what modern nature photography has to offer. You could be inspired by the diversity and uniqueness of nature. In addition, the GDT offered photo walks on the topic of nature photography as part of the PHOTOPIA Academy. You could use this unique opportunity to capture breathtaking nature motifs under professional guidance and to further develop your techniques.

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The area of travel photography is covered by the FF Photo School. This has been offering photo courses, photo workshops and photo trips on a wide variety of topics and destinations since 2009. Additionally in the program are live webinars. Trainers from the FF Photo School have shared photo knowledge and experiences with more than 20,000 people.

About the GDT

Since 1971 the non-profit GDT (Gesellschaft für Naturfotografie e.V.) is the leading organization for nature photography in Germany. Its members are committed to the protection and documentation of nature through high-quality photography. They are all passionate photographers who express their love of nature in stunning images. The GDT demands and promotes nature photography that is equally committed to authenticity, unconditional nature conservation and artistic quality. That this is not a contradiction, but a fruitful triad, is shown by the members in their pictures and with their striving for quality, common learning and the goal to constantly improve as a photographer and to engage as a conservationist for the preservation of our environment. The approximately 2,000 members of the GDT are organized in 15 regional groups in Germany, one regional group in Switzerland and a youth group.