PHOTOPIA Hamburg presents AI solutions for the entire industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already revolutionizing the entire economy and also photography and image editing as a technology. This ranges from cameras and image processing to image generation with software, including Generative AI. Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH is a thought leader in AI and in collaboration with AI.HAMBURG presents selected and relevant AI solutions to exhibiting companies and the public. The idea is that companies no longer have to attend all IT trade fairs to find the specific solution they are looking for, but can find a curated offering at trade fairs and events in Hamburg.


As part of PHOTOPIA from September 21 to 24, 2023, which serves as an interface for industry representatives, content creators, and the public, making the Hanseatic city the center of the enthusiastic imaging scene, AI innovations and new AI solutions play a major role.

In addition to the impressive startup showcase, the AI CENTER hosted a series of master classes and workshops centered around AI. Experts and industry leaders will shared their insights and knowledge, providing invaluable learning opportunities for both professionals and enthusiasts seeking to explore the possibilities AI offers in the visual arts domain.

Moreover, the AI CENTER offered several thought-provoking speeches at the CONTAINER Stage. Esteemed speakers from AI.HAMBURG and renowned guest speakers from the AI industry presented their vision of the future of AI integration in photography and filming, inspiring attendees and shedding light on the endless possibilities of this transformative technology.

We are overwhelmed by the turnout and interest that PHOTOPIA visitors have shown in the topic of AI. Like most industries, film, image and photography will be significantly transformed by the integration of this technology. At AI CENTER, startups at the forefront of AI research and development showcased their groundbreaking applications. From AI-powered image processing and deep learning algorithms to automatic image recognition and curation, AI will help shape the future of visual content creation and consumption.

Petra Vorsteher
Founder AI.HAMBURG and Initiator AI CENTER

Our presence at AI CENTER was a complete success in every respect: we made many contacts, be it with new end-customers for our product, potential business partners or media representatives. The interest in detailed explanations and technology demonstrations was huge. We also enjoyed the atmosphere very much. Together with the organizers and other AI companies, a great sense of community developed over the days, because ultimately we were all pursuing the same goal: creating business solutions based on AI that make photographers' lives easier.

Timo Pape
Director Communications Neurapix

The AI CENTER at PHOTOPIA was a fantastic platform for us to introduce Photomyne to a broad audience, receive valuable feedback and have stimulating discussions with the attendees. During the event, we had the pleasure of connecting with several AI-focused companies and identifying potential partner:s whose collaboration could open new doors for us.

Mickey Atir
CMO Photomyne

AI Center at PHOTOPIA proved to be a fantastic platform for us to introduce Photomyne to a wide audience, receiving valuable feedback and engaging in thought-provoking discussions with attendees. During the event, we had the pleasure of connecting with various AI-focused companies, as well as identifying potential partners whose collaborations could open new doors for us. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the outstanding AI.HAMBURG team that warmly hosted us, ensuring our participation was both enjoyable and productive.

Erhardt Barth
Founder and CEO Excire

We had insightful dialogues with photographers interested in our AI tool for facial anonymization, which allows photos to be used for commercial purposes without model releases. Our tool protects privacy by generating new identities. In addition, we spoke with marketing agencies that want to use our face editing tool to create their own distinctive models for international campaigns.

Jernej Dvoršak
Chief Sales Officer PiktID

A big thank you for spotlighting our innovative approach to photography. Your platform enabled us to connect with potential customers as well as investors and amplify the role of generative AI in portraiture.

Olivier Zetlers
CEO & Co-Founder YOKAI


About AI Hamburg: AI will deeply transform all technologies and verticals in the next 10+ years because it will penetrate all industries like the PC, the Internet, and the smartphone. AI.HAMBURG was founded in 2019 and, together with its founding partners and AI experts, aims to make the region a beacon in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI.HAMBURG has an international network of advisors and AI experts who provide their knowledge and experience from various industries. This includes the extensive and growing AI ecosystem, which gives visibility to the Hamburg AI players and offers networking opportunities. AI.HAMBURG is also the initiator and consortium partner of the Hamburger AI.STARTUP.HUB.