The winners of our PHOTOPIA Hamburg Casting Contest will be styled and shot live on the CONTAINER Stage on Saturday and Sunday. Our professional photographers Brendan de Clerq, Ines Thomsen and Thomas Adorff will help the winners to present themselves in the best light for their sedcard.

Saturday, 15.10.2022 | 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sunday, 16.10.2022 | 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Backstage at Container Stage:
From Shooting Contest to Sedcard Shooting

In our first Online Live Talk on September 27th at 7pm our professional photographers Brendan de Clerq, Ines Thomsen and Thomas Adorff will reveal their plans for the Container Stage! The talk will take place on the Riverside platform and is free of charge. Be there live and ask your questions directly to the professionals via the chat function.

Click here to go to the Live Talk.

The selection of the winning images will be led by none other than casting director Rolf Scheider. Rolf Scheider founded the casting office "Casting Company" in Paris and organizes model castings worldwide for leading beauty companies. He became known to the general public as a judge on "Germany's Next Topmodel".

© Tom Lemke

Our photographers

Brendan de Clerq

Brendan de Clerq is an Irish-French photographer and mixed media artist. He was born in 1964 in Dublin, Ireland, and after training as a professional photographer in Amsterdam, received a BA degree in photographic design.

His French father was an acclaimed photographer and documentary filmmaker and passed on to him his strong visual orientation. Brendan's work is characterized by a powerful visual language with a clear, emotional expression. His goal is to touch his audience emotionally with his images and to convey to them the complexity of the images.

His portfolio is a direct reflection of himself. While his earlier work was dark and contrasting, it is currently more vibrant and truly captures the light. Brendan has made a name for himself teaching his knowledge and photographic skills in master classes and workshops, motivating ambitious photographers worldwide.

Ines Thomsen

Ines Thomsen is more than just a professional photographer. She is a mentor, ambassador, companion, friend, motivator and sometimes a kind of therapist. The sum of these personal and empathetic facets makes her work very special. Her striving to look closely, to capture the essence of each model's personality and to convey genuine emotions is the guarantee for success of her unique images and expressive campaigns.

National and international clients from the fields of advertising, fashion and fine arts appreciate precisely this special flair and sensitivity of the people photographer, who was born in Linz in 1984. For Ines Thomsen is not only concerned with technique, but much more with a positive, interpersonal crackle that develops between her and her models. From this special field of tension, she succeeds in creating images that express the natural, unaffected and often unnoticed profound beauty of a motif.


Thomas Adorff

Thomas Adorff is a passionate scene photographer with national and international experience in fashion, fashion and expressive people and band photography. Due to his extensive expertise in these areas, creatives from the media industry enjoy working with him and use his images in magazines, books, cover artwork and advertising.

His photographic work is accompanied by a variety of professional workshops dedicated to creative flash, portrait photography and travel photography, among other topics. His calm and relaxed way of imparting knowledge contributes decisively to the fact that the workshops meet with a growing enthusiasm at home and abroad. Through creative and professional image processing, the photographs still get his individual image look, which is also part of various trainings, among other things. Thomas Adorff can look back on many years of studio work - he founded successful photo studios in Saarland and Baden Württemberg - and currently works in a professionally equipped studio in Karlsruhe, where his workshops also take place.


We are looking for you!

You are at least 18 years old and want to prove your talent as a model or start your model career with professional pictures? Then take part in our casting contest and apply now to participate in our free sedcard shooting at the CONTAINER Stage of PHOTOPIA 2022 in Hamburg!