Photo walk Tierpark Hagenbeck

Animal photography

Tierpark Hagenbeck (Hagenbeck zoo) is a Hamburg original and the perfect place to experience the fascination of imaging. Animals from every continent - more than 1,400 in all - have found a home in the expansive enclosures and the magnificent, botanically diverse park.

In our PHOTOPIA photo walk, we want to capture these animals in expressive photos.

What makes a good animal photo? Simply photographing an animal is one thing, but ultimately you want to take an animal photo that has a special charisma and fascinates the viewer of the image. This sounds simple and yet the implementation is not always easy. Together we spend an instructive time in the zoo Hagenbeck and you get tips & tricks for the most beautiful animal photographs from our experienced trainer and owner of FF-Fotoschule Frank Fischer.

Frank Fischer has been a photo trainer since 2001 and is the owner of FF-Fotoschule. In countless workshops, webinars and on photo trips he has taught thousands of photographers the fun and new techniques in photography. For several years he has been organizing PHOTOPIA Fototörns under the leadership of PHOTOPIA's artistic director, Christian Popkes.

Please bring the following equipment for the photowalk: Camera with long telephoto lens 200mm or larger. If necessary, a tripod or monopod may be useful.