Under the umbrella of the PHOTOPIA Academy we are currently putting together an exciting program of workshops & photowalks for you.

Here you will get the right skills around all topics of photography! The workshops will take place during PHOTOPIA from October 13 - 16, 2022.

We will take you on fascinating walks to the best photo spots in Hamburg.


You will find details about the individual offers here soon.

These were the workshops 2021

Mirrorless Creative - Photography with the Nikon Z Cameras

For many photographers, getting started with or switching to the new Nikon Z system is certainly still fraught with many question marks. Can I really get the pictures I have in my head onto the sensor? You will learn this and more in the Workshop by Nikon School.

Photography and editing on the smartphone

You will learn the basics of smartphone photography in this workshop of DVF e.V.

FUJIFILM SOOC Workshop - Vintage look straight from the camera

Attention all Fujifilm X-Series owners: We show you how to insert a "film" with your camera.

Getting started in photography - basic course

In this workshop of the DVF e.V. the course participants will learn the basics of photography. How to choose which camera? What do time or aperture mean? How do I take expressive pictures?

These were the photowalks 2021

Streetphotography - Photowalk around the fair

The Photowalks by Canon Academy are about having fun with photography, exchanging ideas with other participants and improving your own skills. You will explore the area around Messe Hamburg and take a new, attentive look at the architecture, people and situations to capture the atmosphere of a city. The photowalks start 2x daily (11am & 3pm). Book your ticket now.

Fotowalks in Hamburg - powered by DVF

In the Fotowalks powered by DVF (German Association for Photography) you will explore the city from a new perspective, learn everything worth knowing and important about long exposure and learn more about the possibility to create creative photos with few tools.