We were looking for your best aerial shots!

You could upload your Best Aerial Shots from July 13 to August 14 with the hashtag #photopiabestaerial23 on Instagram.

The top 10 images were selected by the jury and had been exhibited at PHOTOPIA DroneZone in the Aerial Gallery from 21 - 23 September, 2023.

Live on site, the audience decided by voting who the three winners are and thus received the PHOTOPIA Aerial Award!


These are your PHOTOPIA Best Aerials 2023
1st place: Nico Babilon
2nd place: Anderson Sabas
3rd place: Martina Greif

Top 10 aerial pictures

The winning pictures will be exhibited in the PHOTOPIA Aerial Gallery from 21.09. - 24.09.

Jury members

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