"Intelligent Progress" for the Imaging Business of the Future

Networking at the B2B ImagingExecutives@PHOTOPIA conference.

Under the motto "Intelligent Progress", top executives from the industry and independent experts will present their ideas on Thursday, October 13, 2022, on how the industry can use the rapid changes in technologies and consumer behavior to further develop the imaging business with innovative business models. After all, photography and filming have long been about more than just capturing moments and events:
Rather, imaging technologies are used to create visual content that people use to communicate around the globe. With this in mind, ImagingExecutives@PHOTOPIA, as a B2B conference, is intended to give new impetus to hardware and software suppliers, image service providers, retailers and distributors, as well as all companies whose business involves the creation, processing, marketing or output of visual content, and to provide a platform for personal exchange.

The top-class conference program will be complemented by an evening event offering extensive networking opportunities. ImagingExecutives@PHOTOPIA is conceived as an impulse generator in cooperation with the trade media imaging+foto-contact and INTERNATIONAL CONTACT.

Tickets for 199€ are available now in the ticket store.

Conference Highlights:

In addition to top-class members of the management of leading imaging companies such as Canon, CEWE and Imaging Solutions, companies from the photo trade and image services as well as independent experts will present their ideas and concepts. In her keynote address "The future is made of courage", the book author, economist and labor scientist Simone Gerwers suggests right at the start of the congress to react to the current crises not with worry or even fear, but with a "burst of courage". Of course, this also applies to the retail sector, which has to face special challenges. Ralf Haberich, CEO of the specialist for shopping apps and omnichannel, Shopgate, will show how digital and stationary sales platforms can be intelligently interlinked with customer-centric omnichannel solutions under the title "What customers really expect... is not a coffee bar in the store".

In doing so, he will present the results of a recent study for which 2,300 consumers as well as retailers from various industries were surveyed on behalf of Shopgate. What new technologies and media such as NFT and the Metaverse mean for the future of retail is the topic of Marilyn Repp, Deputy Managing Director of the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Handel in the HDE. The sought-after retail expert, who has been dealing with digitization, innovations and trends in retail for many years, calls out to companies in the industry: Get out of the comfort zone - into the future! Experts from the photo and imaging industry will discuss which product categories the photo trade can use to address new target groups in view of declining sales figures in the camera business.

Of course, image services will also play a role: Cewe CEO Dr. Reiner Fageth will show how artificial intelligence (AI) can support customers in selecting images without turning them into "transparent consumers. From the photo trade, the management of Foto Erhardt will show how an owner-managed company can operate successfully on the market and grow profitably despite declining demand on the camera market and tough competition from well-funded competitors.


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