PHOTOPIA Hamburg presents winning projects of the renowned PROFIFOTO NEW TALENT AWARD -powered by Canon and printed by WhiteWall- in an exhibition at the Summit.

The PROFIFOTO NEW TALENT AWARD honors photo projects of international photo talents. The competition is organized twice a year by Canon and ProfiFoto magazine in cooperation with WhiteWall and the photo agency laif. An additional partner is PHOTOPIA Hamburg, where a selection of the NTA winning projects will be presented in October 2022.

The spectrum of the NEW TALENT AWARD winning photo projects ranges from reportages to intimate insights into formative memories of the photographers, to critical looks at socially relevant topics. Concepts that are implemented by the talents with the support of the competition are in demand. The 15 winners of the current calls 21/1 BIS 22/2 will be presented with more than 40 large-format exhibits at PHOTOPIA. All exhibits are produced in impressive museum quality by the online profile lab Whitewall, which specializes in high-quality gallery prints.

At the ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/1 - 22/1 - powered by Canon - around 9,000 images were submitted by more than 1,000 photographers. After participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, entrants from the USA formed the next largest group, followed by photographers from Italy, Russia and Great Britain. Also represented, however, were participants from countries such as Peru, Cameroon, China, Iran and Japan, to name just a few. About 62 percent of the entrants were male, and about 36 percent were female. The youngest entrant was born in 2006, the oldest in 1948.

The jury included the Artistic Director of PHOTOPIA Hamburg and curator of the Oberstdorf Photo Summit, Christian Popkes, Thomas Alscheid (Whitewall), Lars Bober (laif photo agency), Florian Kussmann and Guido Krebs (Canon), and Petra and Thomas Gerwers (ProfiFoto).

For the current PROFIFOTO NEW TALENT AWARD 23/1 the call for entries starts at the same time as PHOTOPIA. Participation information at

Schore Mehrdju

The Second

Best-of-Best ProfiFoto New Talent Award 20/21 (1st place)

In her photo project "The Second", Shore Mehrdju deals with the social status of women in Tajikistan.


Image on the left: © Schore Mehrdju



© Schore Mehrdju

Martin Tscholl

Fading Lines

Best-of-Best ProfiFoto New Talent Award 20/21 (2nd place)

In his work "Fading Lines" Martin Tscholl visualizes the melting of glaciers in an artistically aesthetic way.


Image on the left: © Martin Tscholl



Klaudia Taday


ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/1

Düsseldorf people photographer Klaudia Taday is one of the winners of the ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/1 - powered by Canon. The trained photographer has mastered the art of capturing the right, the perfect moment. Be it for a piece of jewelry, fashion, floral masterpieces or a person in the role of a lifetime.


Images on the left: © Klaudia Taday



Jakob Ganslmeier


ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/1

In a photographic long-term study, Jakob Ganslmeier juxtaposes impressive portraits of dropouts from the neo-Nazi scene with images of Nazi symbols on historical buildings.


Images on the left: © Jakob Ganslmeier



Nico Knoll

Tired of Berlin

ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/1

With his series Tired of Berlin, Nico Knoll conveys the attitude to life of his generation between disorientation and fatigue, which many experience due to the constant input of the city.


Image on the left: © Nico Knoll



Leila Hichri

Marking Time

ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/2

Leila Hichri observes the habitat that surrounds her with her camera. Marking Time is a photo series that the photographer started at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.


Image on the left: © Leila Hichri



Natalia Kepesz


ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/2

In her photo essay "Niewybuch", Polish photographer Natalia Kepesz offers a glimpse into the world of military camps, a phenomenon that has experienced massive growth in Poland in recent years.


Bild links: © Natalia Kepesz



Marlene Pfau


ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/2

In her photo series "Sorgearbeit", Marlene Pfau describes the reality of migrant care work in Germany.


Image on the left: © Marlene Pfau



Steve Braun

Die Masken der Götter

ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/2

Steve Braun creates his own myth-making through his elaborate digital image collages, and he takes this process to extremes by creating new "Wolpertingers" using photographic archival material from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.


Image on the left: © Steve Braun



Thomas Wagner

Katz und Maus

ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/2

Thomas Wagner's photo essay "Katz und Maus" depicts the living and working conditions of boatmen on the Arauca River, which separates Colombia and Venezuela.


Image on the left: © Thomas Wagner



Katerina Belkina


Best-of-Best ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/22 (1st place)

Katerina Belkina traces the coordinate system of typical city dwellers with her project Zweiraumwohnung.


Image on the left: © Katerina Belkina



Supratim Bhattacharjee

Sinking Sundarbans & The curse of coal

Best-of-Best ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/22 (2nd place)

Supratim Bhattacharjee, Visual Story Teller from Kolkata, India, is the photographer of the UNICEF PHOTO OF THE YEAR 2021 and convinced with his reportages "Sinking Sundarbans" about the sinking coastal landscape of West Bengal and with "The curse of coal" about the consequences of coal mining in Jharia, Jharkhand.


Image on the left: © Supratim Bhattacharjee



Enda Burke


Best-of-Best ProfiFoto New Talent Award 21/22 (3rd place)

Artist and photographer Enda Burke lives in the west of Ireland and humorously explores the impact of the Corona Lockdowns on his family in his images.


Image on the left: © Enda Burke



Gabriele Cecconi


ProfiFoto New Talent Award 22/1

The documentary photographer Gabriele Cecconi from Italy, conveys the impression of a futuristic world on another planet with impressions from Kuwait.


Image on the left: © Gabriele Cecconi



Felipe de Sousa Silva

Closer to the sky

ProfiFoto New Talent Award 22/1

In his project "Closer to the sky", 28-year-old Felipe de Sousa Silva from Brazil accompanies families with his camera who live and work on a garbage dump.


Image on the left: © Felipe de Sousa Silva