Three days live:

Inspiration, information and networking for professional photographers and content creators.

September 22-24, 2023

The Creative Content Conference is the leading conference for professional photographers and content creators in Germany. The three-day event at PHOTOPIA Hamburg highlights current topics and trends in photo and video production. An inspiring program with many renowned speakers will be offered in the conference area of PHOTOPIA.

At the third edition of the Creative Content Conference from September 22 to 24, 2023, the focus was on AI, business and inspiration. Successful photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers showed how they use current technologies for their work. Renowned experts from the creative industries imparted valuable knowledge on relevant areas of the professional photo business.

Friday was dedicated to AI-Generated Imagery. Topic among others: How AI tools can be integrated into one's own workflow in a meaningful and legally compliant way and what opportunities the technology offers professional image makers. Participants: Boris Eldagsen, Robert Kneschke, Dorothe Lanc, Sebastian Deubelli, Claudia Bußjaeger (yesweprompt), Tweda and Sven Doelle. Patronage: German Society for Photography (DGPh)

Saturday was all about Photo & Business. How do I win and keep new customers? Which ideas and concepts help to increase sales? Where am I not yet exploiting my own potential to the full? These were some of the questions we got to the bottom of on this day. With us: Silke Güldner, Sebastian Weiss, Thorsten Rother, Alexa Becker, Jenny Engler-Petzold, Timo Lutz and Thomas Gessner. Patronage: PIC Verband e. V.

On Sunday there was a concentrated load of inspiration & creativity. How do I develop my own style? How do I achieve maximum resonance with my images? Popular content creators, style-defining icons and renowned personalities provided insights into their creative worlds. Among them: Vincent Peters, Stefan Rappo, Franziska Stünkel, Simon Puschmann, Katja Ruge, Lisa Nieschlag and Andreas Jacobs. Patronage: Alliance of German Designers / Allianz deutscher Designer (AGD) e. V.

Supported by …

September 22 „AI-Generated Imagery“

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPh) e.V.

September 24 „Inspiration & Creativity“

Allianz deutscher Designer (AGD) e. V.

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Sandra Coburger

Manager PHOTOPIA Hamburg

Sandra Coburger