Dear visitor,

Your safety is our top priority. As a general rule:

Please stay at home if you feel ill!

You can find our detailed hygiene guidelines with the current hygiene conditions here. If you have any questions, please contact our visitor service.

Contact tracking of visitors must be ensured, registration is done via the ticket system and the Luca app in seperately designated areas.

Tickets can only be purchased online! Register early and book your ticket and timeslot.


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To avoid delays at the entrance, please make sure you stick to your booked timeslot.

Maintain distance. 1.50 meters.

3G proof obligation: All visitors must prove at the entrance that they have been tested, recovered or vaccinated. For a quick and smooth entry, have your 3G proof ready upon entry.

Masks are compulsory inside closed rooms. In the outdoor area, masks are compulsory at exhibition stands and when it's crowded, e.g. in queues.

Wash hands regularly. Sufficient sanitary facilities are available. Use the hygiene islands to wash with soap or disinfect your hands.

Please eat and drink only while sitting and keep the minimum distance.

Exhibition halls A1 and A4 have ventilation systems that are permanently supplied with outside air to ensure an optimum exchange of air.

Hygiene Notes for download