PHOTOPIA took place for the third time in the Hamburg exhibition halls from 21 - 24 September. For the first time, the "Frame One Community Exhibition" was also be taking place, a communal, living gallery that invited both amateur and professional photographers to become part of a communal exhibition and to participate as artists.

FRAME ONE - The community exhibition


Six empty container walls served as exhibition space and were hung by the photographers themselves for four days. The idea behind Frame One is that every artist should choose a photo from their own work - regardless of whether it was taken with a smartphone or a professional camera.

Our life is a string of frames. We sometimes capture individuals as a photo or in rapid succession as a video.

Maybe you have that one photo, that one frame that really means a lot to you. One that you are proud of, that you took yourself. A picture that tells something without having to say anything. That you would like to share with other like-minded people. Your own "Frame One".

We invited you to be part of this collaborative exhibition at PHOTOPIA.



Last year we had our first photo exhibition together with PHOTOPIA at the Hamburg Photo Fair. Under the motto "Slobbering for a better world", together with the German Depression Aid Foundation, the German Depression League and, we drew attention to the topic of depression and mental health - In our own way ... With slobber photos.

For us it was an incredible feeling to have been given such a chance. Seeing a viewer standing in front of his or her work triggered something in us as creatives - that's different from invisible clicks, comments or reach. It's very personal, human and made us very happy. And we would like to make this feeling possible for other photographers, share these moments on location and exchange ideas.