A city made of 350 containers.

PHOTOPIA Hamburg turns exhibition halls into a metropolis.


The new hall concept, which was designed by set designer Jens Weber, promises a completely new trade fair experience. Made of 350 containers, it shows Hamburg as the harbour city that is a gateway to the world!

With broad visual axes and long street fronts full of spectacular motifs at their ends, park-like green areas and two large stages for national and international photographers and influencers, the PHOTOPIA Summit will provide an ideal ambience for the new festival of the imaging community, a setting that is as innovative as it is attractive.

On an area of 20,000 m2, a fascinating installation is emerging that plays with different perspectives, and with forms and figures. Not until the exhibitors and visitors arrive will this “city in the city” come to life, turning it into an active part of the festival.




Need more space?

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At the PHOTOPIA Hamburg Summit, we offer you the opportunity to exhibit in a container in addition to your stand space. Design your individual special area with e.g., a gallery or use the container as a store for valuable products.

Notice: Please note that the containers are to be left in their proper condition, any damage and/or non-revocable alteration of the structure of the containers placed on and next to the stand areas, e.g. by cutting and drilling holes, nailing, painting and the like are prohibited. Adhesive tapes and other devices for suspending objects and the like must be removed without leaving any residue and without damaging the container surfaces. In this context, the exhibitor is liable for all damages for which he and/or his vicarious agents are responsible and indemnifies HMC against claims of third parties in this respect.

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Successful fusion of festival and expo

The infrastructure of the PHOTOPIA Summit successfully fuses components reminiscent of the architecture of megacities with the traditional elements of a trade fair, such as product presentations, vending stands and opportunities for customer interaction and networking. The stacked containers will not only form a fascinating skyline and provide a unique setting for the festival but also serve as spaces for many activities. Exhibitors will be able to use them as stands or meeting rooms for B2B meetings. Other containers will be turned into ‘hidden’ galleries exhibiting photos, for example those of the renowned fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth who is also the honorary patron of PHOTOPIA Hamburg.

We wanted to create a setting which would act as a stage and provide the ideal backdrop at the same time. An environment that inspires and motivates and only becomes a stand-alone and vivid world when people enter it. We also wanted to show that a container is not only a transport unit but also a flexible building component which can be made into anything. Even an entire city with individual exhibition areas in between.

Jens Weber, set designer

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Mareike Kitsch

Sales Manager

Mareike Kitsch