Barge trip in Hamburg

We have rented a launch exclusively for our photographic enthusiasts to take a photographic cruise. The launch with you on board will stop wherever the motifs and light conditions are best.

Ahead of the trip there will be a roughly 30-minute briefing on photography in the harbour area to provide you with some key input for better shots.

Scope of services:

  • about 30 minutes of briefing addressing photography in the port and when travelling
  • exclusive two-hour photo cruise on board HANSA, HANSA 3 or Buenos Aires (photographer group only, no other guests please)
  • throughout the port, depending on tidal conditions
  • including photography support

Cruising dates


Christian Popkes + Team FF-Fotoschule (powered by TAMRON)

09-23-2021Barkasse "Buenos Aires"
16:30 Uhr ab Kajen, 18:30 Uhr an Kajen (powered by TAMRON)
09-24-2021Barkasse "Hansa"
17:45 Uhr ab Kajen, 19:45 Uhr an Kajen (powered by TAMRON)
09-25-2021Barkasse "Buenos Aires"
16:00 bis 18:00 Uhr
Team FF-Fotoschule (powered by TAMRON)
09-26-2021Barkasse "Hansa"
17:45 Uhr ab Kajen, 19:45 Uhr an Kajen (powered by TAMRON)
10-23-2021Christian Popkes + Team FF-Fotoschule
11-20-2021Christian Popkes + Frank Fischer
PHOTOPIA Hamburg Fototörn Bulk
PHOTOPIA Hamburg Fototörn Fotografen

Your photography trainer


The minimum number of participants is 20 photographers.

There will be a hygiene concept as appropriate for the current state of the pandemic. It will comprise measures such as a limitation of the number of participants, wearing mouth-and-nose coverings, practicing social distancing, disinfection etc. – Of course we want you to join us on board safely!


Ring us up at FF-Fotoschule: ph.: 041 05 - 139 92 66