"Terra - Faces of the earth"

Photographs by Michael Martin

Opening: 17.04.2023 at 12 o'clock, with the artist
Duration: 18.04. until 24.09.2023
Opening hours: around the clock, free of charge and open air
Location: Überseeboulevard in Hafencity

In cooperation with Überseequartier Nord

Come along on a journey!

Explore the most beautiful natural landscapes on earth in the photo exhibition "Terra - Faces of the earth" by Michael Martin. 50 large-format photographs give you a unique insight into the beauty and diversity of our planet. Let the experienced nature photographer and adventurer take you to the most remote corners of the continents and learn exciting stories about the geography of our planet. This exhibition on Überseeboulevard is free of charge and takes place outdoors - so don't miss it!