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Zhiyun WeeBill 3 Gimbal

The new ZHIYUN Weebill 3 gimbal distributed by Transcontinenta is a further development of previous models of the brand and fits better in the hand due to an optimized weight distribution and balance. The position of the auxiliary handle has also been optimized and creates greater freedom of…

Nikon NIKKOR Z 400 mm 1:4,5 VR S

Nikon announces the NIKKOR Z 400 mm f/4.5 VR S in mid-July as the new Z-series super-tele, featuring lightweight and compact dimensions.

ZHIYUN LED Light Stick

Transcontinenta introduces the new ZHIYUN Fiveray FR100C LED stick to the German market.

Fujifilm Instax mini Link 2

Following the launch of the new Instax mini Evo instant camera, Fujifilm is updating its instant printer range with the new Instax mini Link 2, which will be available from June 22, 2022, offering a wider range of creative ways to design and print Instax instant images.

Profoto - Connect Pro

If you want to use multiple flashes off-camera on set, you need not only a reliable trigger, but also the ability to control the devices. Profoto now offers the Connect Pro, which is more than just a remote control.

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Practical tips from HALBE-Rahmen - The perfect exhibition

Es ist der Traum eines jeden Fotografen, seine Werke im Rahmen einer Ausstellung einem breiten Publikum zu präsentieren – dahinter steckt viel Arbeit sowie eine detaillierte Planung. Um bei Kunstliebhabern das Interesse zu wecken, kommt es auf die perfekte Umsetzung an.

Leica - DJI joins L-mount alliance

The L-mount alliance continues to grow. DJI, manufacturer of camera drones, gimbals and cameras, is introducing the Zenmuse X9 L-Mount Unit as part of the partnership. This allows L-mount lenses from Leica, Panasonic and Sigma to be used on the modular DJI Ronin 4D system.

Light and shadow - flash or continuous light?

With the increasing convergence of photography and video in one device, more and more photographers are using the same (continuous) light for both. What consequences does this have for flash technology and for tomorrow's shoots?


1) Do you work with flash or continuous light on shoots?


2) What…

Manfrotto - Chromakey backgrounds

Manfrotto Lighting Controls carries an extensive line of Chromakey backdrops and accessories, from the smallest foldable backdrop (1.5 x 1.8 m) to the 3 x 3 m modular StudioLink system to the industry-successful Panoramic Backdrop (4 x 2.3 m). New products include Vinyl Floor Strips, a flexible…

ARRI Orbiter Fresnel lens

ARRI is expanding its portfolio of Orbiter optics with the Orbiter Fresnel Lens 15-65°. This makes the LED spotlight even more versatile and complements the already available Orbiter open-face lenses in 15°, 30° and 60°.

Datacolor - Upgrade promotion

Datacolor offers creatives who own an older Spyder or X-Rite/Calibrite monitor calibration device the opportunity to purchase a cost-effective upgrade to SpyderX Elite. SpyderX Elite is Datacolor's flagship and therefore most comprehensive calibration tool.

Fidlock Snapsnap - Magnet mechanical camera strap

Fidlock has developed its Snapsnap magnetic-mechanical camera strap, a mounting system for medium and large cameras with heavy lenses up to a payload of 10 kg.

Move System

With Move, Manfrotto offers a modular system of modules that can be combined with each other, providing maximum flexibility while reducing set-up times. The main component of Move is the Quick Release System, which, combined with other components such as the Gimbal 300XM, increases the speed on set.

Microphones for Content Creator

In the digital workflow, creating videos requires not only good image quality and an interesting story, but also good sound. RØDE offers a wide variety of microphones that support every content creator in their creative everyday life with their excellent sound quality and interesting features.

Eflect & Lightstream

In addition to an LED spotlight used as the main light at a height of around five meters, the Dedolight Eflect lighting system was used as part of the ProfiFoto Masterclass with Ivo von Renner. It consists of light heads, multi-mirror reflectors and support arms, which can be used to create a wide…

New applications for old lenses

Bellows units have been part of the core range in the NOVOFLEX program for more than 70 years. The universal bellows of the BALPRO series are among the high-end products in this segment. Numerous connection options for all common camera models and lens types ensure a wide range of applications. Now,…

EDDYCAM - EASY-Collection

The new EDDYCAM EASY collection combines a classic cut camera strap with fashionable design, finest elastic elk leather and high quality workmanship.

OLED cutting-edge technology for creative professionals

LG Electronics raises the bar for professional displays: The UltraFine OLED Pro monitors reproduce colors precisely with their self-luminous pixels and offer outstanding performance when editing SDR and HDR image material. Thus, the models meet the requirements of demanding creative professionals.

Zhiyun: CRANE-M2S Gimbal

The CRANE-M2S distributed by Transcontinenta is a powerful gimbal for a wide range of cameras - and equipped with many useful features.