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Charm offensive: Perfect portraits for Tinder & Co.

When great love is just a mouse click away: More and more people today are getting to know each other via platforms like Parship and Tinder. A good portrait is extremely important here in the search for a partner. But what should it look like? We asked dating experts.

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Animal Influencers

Living cuddly animals as "petfluencers". How domestic pigs in bikinis suddenly become social media stars and staged dogs turn their owners into millionaires.

Star DJ David Puentez at the Festival of Imaging

This year, he will provide the best beats for the Festival of Imaging. David Puentez provides the cool sound for the mega-event of photography. The star DJ will give a concert on the big stage of PHOTOPIA Hamburg on 14 October 2022. We asked the artist for a short interview in advance.

The man who makes the Elbphilharmonie vibrate

Press shutter release, advance film, a small body rotation and release again

Millionaire with selfies: Where does the NFT hype come from?

How a fun project with self-portraits made an Indonesian IT student rich in just a few weeks.

Diving among sleeping giants

Do sperm whales really sleep standing up? It was not until 2008 that scientists gained insights into the sleeping behaviour of the animals. Today, the resting giants are among the most spectacular subjects of underwater photography ¬- Frenchman Stéphane Granzotto visited them in their resting area.

Volcanic eruption on the "Isla Bonita": Beastly beautiful pictures

The Spaniard Fran Arnau is a passionate drone pilot. Arnau captured the volcanic eruption at the end of 2021 on the Canary Island of La Palma in spectacular drone footage.

Japan's flashy photo scene: Cosplay stagings, bondage sex and Instax pictures from Tokyo's photo scene

Can Godzilla take pictures? We don't know. If so, he's certainly waiting for us as a snapping toy robot on a shelf in Tokyo's Yodobashi electronics department stores'. And photographs its surroundings at the touch of a button with a miniature camera hidden in its plastic mouth, while its monster…

Slow Photography: The Magic of Deceleration and the "Digital Detox" of the Endless Snappers

This is why analogue photography is experiencing an international revival today!

Analogue photography is like yoga for image makers, the "digital detox" of dedicated endless snappers. It invites us to a decelerated, meditative journey into the world of photography. And more and more photographers…

"Ships are a reliable motif. They don't fidget around"

When the container ship becomes a transporter of longing: the ship photographer from Finkenwerder.

Andreas Glummert is passionate about photographing ships - from small pilot boats to ocean cruisers. His favourite, however, are the mighty container ships on the Elbe. He finds that some of them have…

Suddenly the bride and groom disappeared in the fog And: What to do when it's not raining?

Not everything always goes smoothly when photographing weddings. How to deal with unexpected situations is what the two Fuji Ambassadors and wedding photographers Kerstin and Paul Rockstein told us.