Vlogging: How to become a YouTube star

Vlogging? Is this a new variation on jogging? Not at all! The term refers to the regular distribution of videos with personal content via YouTube and similar web channels. The number of people who post and retrieve contributions there today is rising unceasingly. But how do you become successful and reach a large number of viewers? Here we provide tips for beginners.

High-tech and high-percentage: the right content

If you want to reach a lot of people, you have to offer them something that appeals to them. This can be achieved with exotic combinations, for example: Horst Lüning, at over 60 years old, is certainly not a typical content creator, but he successfully conveys interesting facts about electric vehicles on his channel. Sometimes he also pursues his second passion there and tests high-quality whiskeys in front of his camera. He does this not entirely altruistically, because Lüning himself runs a trade in the drink. The combination of high-tech and high-proof is well received by his almost 175,000 subscribers.

There is an endless variety of topics for vloggers. If you're already an expert in any field, that's a great place to start your own vlog. If not, pick a topic that you have a real lasting interest in. Then document the way you delve into the topic with regularly posted video footage that you use to build your channel step by step. Often you will find unexpected depths in your subject area. And these can be explored in ever new posts.

Convince with authenticity

Vlogging is not about perfect moderation - your audience will always forgive small slips of the tongue if they sense that a person is speaking "to touch". The photo vlogger Pavel Kaplun, for example, is not only convincing with his photographic knowledge. In his contributions, he speaks slowly and with a pleasant accent. This is enormously credible and appeals to many viewers.

Anyone who makes it clear that they stand 100 percent behind their offering and statements will reach his audience - even without putting together a completely styled offering. Vloggers are allowed to polarize and express their opinions clearly. In this way, they attract like-minded people and provide material for discussion, which in turn ensures that people remain loyal to the channel.

Use technology in a targeted way

Today's audience is spoiled and wants to be enticed with appealing images. Anyone who already has decent photography equipment is basically well-equipped to record excellent videos. Anyone who puts themselves in front of a camera should have a good preview option for image control. Even cameras with a folding monitor usually have a hard time judging the subject. An external control monitor connected via HDMI makes it easier. With a USB capture stick, Android smartphones can also be used for previewing.

Flat video lights or spotlights whose light reflects off a white surface provide professional lighting during filming. If you want to save the cost of an elaborate backdrop, you can start with an evenly lit, smooth green image background and give your videos a virtual background - for example, from your own photo library - in postproduction. Today, even entry-level tools make it possible to replace a monochrome background. The software "DaVinci Resolve" from Blackmagicdesign, which is available free of charge in the basic version, is becoming increasingly popular. This can also be used to implement other creative tricks. Here everyone can learn a lot and get great results. Tools for uploading are included with most programs.

Very important: Use high-quality microphones for good sound quality! Even the best pictures lose their effect if your sound is not professional.

Advertising on all channels

You should definitely put additional energy into the distribution of your films. YouTube now offers many tutorials that explain how to get your content found. You should take these tips to heart and work consistently on the search engine optimization of your posts. You can also get support through posts on all other relevant social media channels. Clips that you upload with clear references on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok will help make your channel more successful.

The effort required for a successful vlog should not be underestimated. You will be thanked for this by a loyal fan base if your channel is successful.

Further tips and an important contact point for vloggers will be provided by PHOTOPIA Hamburg from October 13 to 16, 2022.