120 bpm

Philipp Mueller's book takes the viewer back to the early years of techno.

120 bpm is the average number of "beats per minute" of a club track. In keeping with the music's subject, the book 120 bpm also brings together dense, forward-driving image sequences from those years of upheaval, when techno in Switzerland became one of the last great youth movements. To this day, it continues to shape nightlife, clubs, and the constant innovation of electronic dance music. Swiss photographer Philipp Mueller documents this early phase of techno in the early 1990s in immediate-raw photographs of the first Zurich street parades, illegal raves, parties-backstage in clubs and in the intimacy of the private sphere-for various publications. In the book, Mueller's photographs are intertwined with facsimile rave magazine and fanzine pages and narratives by protagonists of the time.
Philip Mueller, born in Zurich, currently lives in Paris and works primarily as a portrait photographer in the fields of sports, music and film.

Edition Patrick Frey, 204 pages, 260 illustrations in color and b/w, German / English, hardcover, 52 Euro, ISBN: 978-3-90736-26-0