Photographs by Christian Popkes

Opening: 28.09.2023 at 12 o'clock, with US Consul General Jason Chue
Duration: 18.09.2023 until 14.04.2024
Opening hours: around the clock, free of charge and open air
Location: Überseeboulevard in Hafencity

In cooperation with Überseequartier Nord

Can you imagine what it's like to experience the Big Apple up close? The famous Hamburg photographer Christian Popkes brings this feeling to Überseeboulevard in a breathtaking way. With his exhibition "NEW YORK STATE OF MIND", he presents his impressive works in monumental dimensions from 28 September.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating cosmopolitan city of New York and view it from all angles! From aerial shots to detail shots - every perspective is used to capture the pulsating rhythm of the Big Apple. And as if that wasn't spectacular enough, the exhibition will be opened by none other than the US Consul General Jason Chue himself.

But that's not all! The 28th OPEN ART exhibition has even more surprises in store: in addition to Christian Popkes' masterpieces, the ten winning images of the elbsommer photo competition will also be on display - a colourful and diverse homage to Hamburg's rich diversity.

Imagine that for six months Überseeboulevard is transformed into a gateway to the other side of the world! Through cleverly arranged photographs, Christian Popkes takes you on a journey through this metropolis full of life and intensity. As soon as you enter, you are greeted by shots of the bridges to Manhattan - a leap across the big pond directly into the heart of the city. And then the imposing skyscrapers draw you in as you watch the sky rise.

"New York is my state of mind," Christian Popkes enthuses about his muse. For years now, he has been capturing the beauty of this metropolis with his calendars. For him, this exhibition is a very special experience - a passion that literally gets under his skin. Because in order to take his impressive aerial photographs, he always overcomes his fear of flying and climbs into a helicopter for a Doors-Off-Flight! His fascination for New York is stronger than any fear.

This 28th OPEN ART exhibition not only links two cities, but also people of different photographic experiences: Here, professional works meet lively amateur shots - here, the pursuit of novelty and uniqueness meets pure fun in photography.

This exhibition is meant to be inspiring and motivating - an impulse to reflect on our own dreams and goals: Where are we right now? And where do we want to go? Come by and let yourself be carried away by the power of these works!