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August Sander Award 2022

Sora Park (* 1991 in Gimpo, South Korea) convinced the jury with her submitted series "Bei mir, bei Dir", 2018-2021. Park is currently studying at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. She has previously studied at Sunchon National University in Suncheon, South Korea at the Department of…

OLED cutting-edge technology for creative professionals

LG Electronics raises the bar for professional displays: The UltraFine OLED Pro monitors reproduce colors precisely with their self-luminous pixels and offer outstanding performance when editing SDR and HDR image material. Thus, the models meet the requirements of demanding creative professionals.

Millionaire with selfies: Where does the NFT hype come from?

How a fun project with self-portraits made an Indonesian IT student rich in just a few weeks.

120 bpm

Philipp Mueller's book takes the viewer back to the early years of techno.

World Press Photo in Berlin

The Friends of the Willy Brandt House are presenting the World Press Photo Exhibition 2022 for the 19th time. The photographs of the nominees and winners can be seen from May 20 to June 12 at the Willy Brandt House. The World Press Photo Contest annually honors the best photojournalists and…

Powerhouse for creatives

The new Xperia 1 IV is the world's first smartphone with a true optical zoom lens. It enables slow-motion shooting in 4K at 120 frames per second (fps) with all lenses, as well as first-class photo features.

Masking with AI

Skylum announces the release of Luminar Neo update 1.0.6. In addition to bug fixes and a histogram, the update features the long-awaited Mask AI function that simplifies and speeds up the editing process thanks to AI technologies.

New foundation - Academy of Photography

The Academy of Photography in Hamburg wants to create a new place for young and aspiring photographers to learn and work: On May 31, the non-profit training institution in Gaußstraße opens its doors and presents the exhibition "There we are" with photographic works by former graduates at the…

Michael Tewes: Auto Land Scape

Michael Tewes dedicates his project to the motorways that have relentlessly cut their way right through our country and its nature.

PROFIFOTO NEW TALENT AWARD 22/2: Call for entries - Deadline on 18 July

Apply now: 18 July 2022 is the closing date for round 22/2 of the prestigious PROFIFOTO NEW TALENT AWARD - powered by Canon - hosted by the international competition platform Picter.

Diving among sleeping giants

Do sperm whales really sleep standing up? It was not until 2008 that scientists gained insights into the sleeping behaviour of the animals. Today, the resting giants are among the most spectacular subjects of underwater photography ¬- Frenchman Stéphane Granzotto visited them in their resting area.

W. Eugene Smith: MINAMATA

The cinema film MINAMATA is a memorial to the legendary photographer W. Eugene Smith. Two years after its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, it is now also available here. It's worth watching ...


Volcanic eruption on the "Isla Bonita": Beastly beautiful pictures

The Spaniard Fran Arnau is a passionate drone pilot. Arnau captured the volcanic eruption at the end of 2021 on the Canary Island of La Palma in spectacular drone footage.

Japan's flashy photo scene: Cosplay stagings, bondage sex and Instax pictures from Tokyo's photo scene

Can Godzilla take pictures? We don't know. If so, he's certainly waiting for us as a snapping toy robot on a shelf in Tokyo's Yodobashi electronics department stores'. And photographs its surroundings at the touch of a button with a miniature camera hidden in its plastic mouth, while its monster…

Slow Photography: The Magic of Deceleration and the "Digital Detox" of the Endless Snappers

This is why analogue photography is experiencing an international revival today!

Analogue photography is like yoga for image makers, the "digital detox" of dedicated endless snappers. It invites us to a decelerated, meditative journey into the world of photography. And more and more photographers…

OnePlus 10 Pro 5G: OnePlus x Hasselblad

OnePlus will launch its new flagship - the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G - on 31 March 2022. The smartphone is equipped with a second-generation Hasselblad mobile camera and the "Billion Color Solution", which is supposed to ensure natural colour reproduction.


"Ships are a reliable motif. They don't fidget around"

When the container ship becomes a transporter of longing: the ship photographer from Finkenwerder.

Andreas Glummert is passionate about photographing ships - from small pilot boats to ocean cruisers. His favourite, however, are the mighty container ships on the Elbe. He finds that some of them have…

40th Leitz Photographica Auction: Leica 0 series No. 105 auctioned

Almost 100 years old and a pioneer of modern photography: Oskar Barnack's personal camera, No. 105 of the Leica 0 series, will be auctioned on 11 June at the 40th Leitz Photographica Auction. Experts at the auction house believe a new record price is possible.

Interview: Christian Müller-Rieker about great importance of PHOTOPIA

Hamburg Messe und Congress (HMC) and the Photo Industry Association (PIV) have agreed on a partnership in which the PIV has exclusively taken over the ideal sponsorship of PHOTOPIA Hamburg. In a short interview PIV Managing Director Christian Müller-Rieker explains this decision, talks about the…

Suddenly the bride and groom disappeared in the fog And: What to do when it's not raining?

Not everything always goes smoothly when photographing weddings. How to deal with unexpected situations is what the two Fuji Ambassadors and wedding photographers Kerstin and Paul Rockstein told us.