Microphones for Content Creator

In the digital workflow, creating videos requires not only good image quality and an interesting story, but also good sound. RØDE offers a wide variety of microphones that support every content creator in their creative everyday life with their excellent sound quality and interesting features.

For those who want to move freely in front of the camera, the RØDE Wireless GO II compact wireless microphone system is ideal: a wireless microphone system with two transmitters and one receiver that is particularly suitable for reportage, interviews or other voice recordings.

Wireless GO II
If you are alone in front of the camera, you can also use the Wireless GO II Single, with just one transmitter and one receiver. The transmitter can be conveniently attached to clothing - either on the collar or lapel. It is also possible to connect the receiver to a smartphone, iPhone and a computer or Mac, giving great flexibility to the compact complete system. As soon as the modules are switched on, they are paired within a few seconds and the recording can begin. The radio link has an outstanding range of up to 200 meters. This means that the people in front of the camera are always clearly understood - no matter which setting size was selected for the video shoot. If more than two people are to be recorded in front of the camera, up to three Wireless GO II systems can be used simultaneously.

RØDE Central
The free "RØDE Central" software or app is available for the Wireless GO II and Wireless GO II Single, where advanced features and settings can be enabled on the compact radio. If the receiver is connected and the latest version of "RØDE Central" is open, output level settings can be made on the receiver, for example. In addition, it can be determined whether two sound sources should be recorded separately ("Split") or on one track ("Merged"). If a sound source was louder than expected during recording, the "Safety Mode" is a lifesaver: one of the two tracks is recorded at a significantly lower level to avoid clipping.
Various recording functions can be set on the transmitter in the software and app. In addition, all recordings can be listened to and renamed. It is also helpful that the power button of the transmitter and receiver can be assigned different functions in "RØDE Central", for example, a practical marker function: This can be used to highlight certain sections during recording. In addition to these functions and settings, "RØDE Central" has many other useful features to offer.

VideoMic GO II
Not only are the Wireless GO II and Wireless GO II Single compatible with RØDE Central, but RØDE's latest video microphone, the VideoMic GO II, can also be enhanced with this free software and app. In addition, the free "RØDE Connect" software offers useful audio enhancement effects that are unlocked in the VideoMic GO II. These include a "Noise Gate" that reduces distracting background noise, a compressor that makes the voice sound more balanced, an exciter that adds sparkle to the voice, and the Aphex Big Bottom that adds fullness and depth to the voice.
Unlike the Wireless GO II and its single version, the
VideoMic GO II is a video microphone and is attached to the camera. This particularly natural-sounding microphone records at a 45° angle of incidence - especially practical for close-ups. Sound coming in from the side is hardly picked up at all. It is also possible to mount the VideoMic GO II on a boom. The special red Rycote swing mount prevents annoying grip noise from being picked up during filming.
Those who prefer to shoot videos with their smartphone or iPhone can also use the VideoMic GO II for this purpose: The directional microphone can namely not only be connected to the camera or computer, but also to a cell phone. It requires no battery and is ready for use immediately after connection - Plug&Play! Especially practical: The 3.5 mm jack on the VideoMic GO II remains free when the microphone is connected via USB-C and can serve as a headphone output.
The VideoMic GO II is suitable for anyone who wants to add excellent sound to their outstanding video recordings. Great versatility and ease of use allow for optimal results in any situation.

Vlogger kits
When recording video with a smartphone or iPhone, several challenges stand in the way: first, shaky recordings are to be expected, and second, the built-in microphone in many phones is not designed to record in good audio quality. But RØDE has a creative solution for this as well: the RØDE Vlogger Kits. As the word implies, this is an all-in-one solution for all smartphone or iPhone vloggers. A specific Vlogger Kit fits each phone connection: For smartphones with a 3.5 mm jack, it is the Vlogger Kit Universal, while with a USB-C connection, it is the Vlogger Kit USB-C. If you use an iPhone, the Vlogger Kit iOS is ideal. What is included in the Vlogger Kits? Among other things, a small directional microphone that connects to the phone and offers great sound quality. To avoid shaky recordings, the Tripod 2 miniature tripod can be used, which serves either as a table tripod or as a practical handle.
Good light is also taken care of - thanks to the miniature video light, where the brightness can be adjusted. Mobile filmmakers who want to add more color to their videos have the option of attaching the diffuser attachment with eight different colors. For outdoor shooting, a deluxe fur windshield is included to prevent annoying wind noise. The Vlogger Kits not only allow for top-notch sound, but also a professional image.

With RØDE, any videographer can unleash their creativity and find an efficient digital workflow.