Eflect & Lightstream

In addition to an LED spotlight used as the main light at a height of around five meters, the Dedolight Eflect lighting system was used as part of the ProfiFoto Masterclass with Ivo von Renner. It consists of light heads, multi-mirror reflectors and support arms, which can be used to create a wide variety of light with simple means.

If the focusing of a Dedolight LED luminaire already creates a wide range of lighting effects, countless more are added by using and bending and shaping the Eflect multi-mirror reflectors. Changing the distance from the light head to the reflector also plays an important role: at close range, a soft, overlapping, flowing play of light and shadow is created. At medium distance, creative fading occurs. At a greater distance, the light effect corresponds to that of the sun breaking through the leaves of a tree. The range of possibilities is extended by color filters.
The Lighstream system is again a proprietary reflector system that is easy to transport and consists of different reflector sizes with variable surface structures. In Ivo's case, the 25 x 25 cm reflectors were used, which have their own rail mounting system on the back. Despite the comparatively small reflector surface, Lightstream is perfect not only for Still Live, but especially for portraits, as well as anywhere that needs to authentically mimic sunlight. Dedolight offers a total of 23 focusable LED lights, but the reflectors theoretically also work with sunlight or even candlelight, whichever is convenient. Therefore, the Eflect and Lightstream systems also work with the very smallest focusable Dedolight fixture, the Ledzilla with Parallel Beam Intensifier, which increases light output by 200%-500%. However, Ivo von Renner uses these small lights mainly as effect lights, for example for the eyes in portraits.


The Dedolight double-aspherical optics integrated in the Ledzilla produce an amazing light output. The small handheld light can be focused from 4°-56° like a large Dedolight, resulting in a smooth light distribution in any focus position.
A flip-up wide-angle attachment provides a wider horizontal beam angle with smooth transitions. In addition, an integrated 2-leaf barn door is available.
Power is supplied by rechargeable batteries from either Sony, Panasonic, Canon or Nikon. When the light is dimmed to 50%, the current consumption drops accordingly, doubling the battery runtime. Alternatively, power can be supplied from any Anton Bauer rechargeable battery or PAG system, from a car cigarette lighter or via a battery belt. The power consumption is only 8 W despite the high light output.
The color temperature can be adjusted in the range between 2700K - 6500K. This allows use in almost all ambient light situations. Many other LED bicolor luminaires offer only half the light output in either the daylight or tungsten light setting, because LED technology means that tungsten light LEDs generally emit about 25% less light than daylight LEDs.
However, the multichip light source of the Bicolor Ledzilla uses nine minichips arranged in a checkerboard pattern. To provide better balance, the Ledzilla Bicolor uses five chips for artificial light and four chips for daylight. This provides a more uniform light output over the entire color temperature range. The luminaire can be dimmed smoothly and evenly without changing the color characteristics.