On an area of 600m² everything revolves around virtual and augmented reality! With unique events and visual highlights we present the latest trends in the photo scene.


Experience the works of our patron Ellen von Unwerth and the renowned photographer Tine Acke not only live but also virtually! In our virtual Experience Area you can dive into a virtual 3D exhibition area and view the exhibitions Larger than Life and Stärker als die Zeit.

Bild above, left: © Autoportrait by Ellen von Unwerth
Bild above, right: © Tine Acke

Virtual Experience at PHOTOPIA XR


You will find the XRchitecture at our PHOTOPIA XR area in hall A1. It is not only a real eye-catcher, but also a technical highlight: immerse yourself in the 3D exhibition area with VR glasses and watch the PHOTOPIA lectures in a live stream. With the help of the cross-reality event platform XRevent, virtual and real events are linked for multiusers. Conferences, exhibitions, concerts, light and video mapping installations can be experienced simultaneously in both the real and virtual worlds.

Invisible Worlds

The AR sculpture "Invisible Worlds" combines familiar incidents and fictional elements with the charm of AR and offers participants the opportunity to experience playful short stories. At first glance, you are confronted with simple cubes arranged one above the other - do you dare to scan the QR code and enter the hidden worlds?


The VRHQ provides a total of four exciting stations that will immerse you in undiscovered galaxies and the world of virtual gaming:

Are you brave enough and dare to enter THE GATE? Then get ready for a fantastic trip into the macro and micro universe of our galaxy. Then dive into the beguiling worlds of Noy's VR and experience live music like never before.

Then get sporty during a session of Tower Tag, the award-winning VR lasertag game. Equipped with VR classes, blaster gun and feedback waistcoat, a cyberpunk world awaits you. In teams of two its your turn now: Laser fire free!

Fancy a breathtaking flight through the most beautiful city in the world? No problem at all! VLYR makes it possible. Take a seat in the real-world flight vehicle and float virtually to the most interesting places in Hamburg and marvel at them from a whole new perspective.

The VR Museum concludes the virtual experience with a journey through time and VR history, showing you exhibits from the last 25 years.

Look forward to a lot of action and a lot of fun trying it out!


Urban planning that is not only productive, but also inclusive and entertaining? You can experience this with PaCOMM, a touch table with virtual and augmented reality settings.

Develop, discuss and change the design of a park together and experience a new kind of planning project!

For broadcast and photo professionals

Be one of the first when Sony exclusively presents the new Xperia PRO in the lounge area of the PHOTOPIA XR area. With the Xperia PRO, broadcast and photo professionals can work faster and smarter than ever before. It is the world's first smartphone with dedicated HDMI input and USB or Ethernet tethering with an α camera. Live streaming, OLED display with 4K resolution and fast, easy file transfers open up a whole new world of possibilities for professionals.

About our partners & contributors

HAW Hamburg


The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) is the largest, practice-oriented university in the north and has four faculties: Technology & Information, Life Sciences, Design, Media & Information and Business & Social Affairs.

The Research and Transfer Centre Digital Reality (FTZ Digital Reality) of the Faculty of Design, Media & Information at HAW Hamburg not only drives research in the field of VR/AR/XR, but also demonstrates and lives the new Digital Reality and develops it further.



XRchitecture is a project of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences that has been continuously developed in cooperation with the Academy Fashion & Design Hamburg since March 2020. A core team of students and teachers from the degree programmes Digital Reality, Media Technology, Media Informatics, Medialerraum and Time-Dependent Media/Sound-Vision worked on different sub-areas from a built sculpture to AR applications to VR and XR platforms in the past semesters.


XRevent was also created as part of a project at HAW and is the answer to the closure of the night and event culture due to the pandemic. 

Projectmanagement, Kuration: Dipl. Des. Anke von der Heide
VR-Event technology Editor: Tom Milter
Streaming: Thorbjörn Ruppel
Application Development: Dr. Patrick Tobias Fischer, Nikolai Reinke
3D Modelling & Animation: Ilya Landshut
Sculpture Design & Implementation: Maximilian Barg
Jörg Peter, Lukas Runge

Invisible Worlds


A team of 6 master's students of the HAW-Hamburg (Master of Time-based Media Sound/Vision & Master of Digital Reality) worked on the project in the summer semester of 2021.

Supervision: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Greule, Dipl. Des. Anke von der Heide
Application Development: Nikolai Reinke, Adrian Schroeder
3D Modelling & Animation: Ilya Landshut
Sound: David Stolz & Leon Sudahl
Concept & Graphic Design: Leila Alavitabar



Participation, collaborative and multmedia - We are developing a solution for multistakeholder mixed reality urban planning workshops that foster collaborative, creative processes.

A cooperation of CityScienceLab and g2lab of HafenCityUniversität with the Research and Transfer Center Digital Reality of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Sponsored by the Hamburg Ministry of Science, Research and Equality.