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Use our unique container hall concept for your own presentation! Include one or more containers in your stand design, have the container scenery integrated into your stand construction or book a container as your company's own vision space. There are many ways to become part of this hall concept.

Your options:

  • Container on or next to your stand area
  • Container as Vision Space
  • Branding of container towers
  • Graphics on containers
  • Projections and monitors on containers

from 499,- €

per container (all prices plus VAT)

We will gladly advise you!


- More information coming soon! -


Area199,- € / sqm
*Area 15 sqm + container
3.484,- €
Vision Space
**Area 15 sqm + container incl. power supply and marketing
3.850,- €
Branding container toweron request
Graphics on containersfrom 469,- €
Projections / Screens on containerfrom 799,- €
Storage area in mesh box399,- € / Box




Ines Leksani

Operations Manager

Ines Leksani