Growth requires new target groups.

We address them.

PHOTOPIA Hamburg draws the attention of a broad audience. With the PHOTOPIA Vision Space at the Summit, as well as countless special events at the Festival, you reach an enormous group of young smartphone users, in addition to hobby photographers, pros, artists, gallery owners and curators.

  • 42

    Professional visitors

  • 58

    Private visitors

84 %

of the exhibitors will recommend PHOTOPIA to others.

Ø age: 44 years

  • 71 %of exhibitors rate the quality of visitors as very good

  • 96 %of the exhibitors were able to reach their target group at PHOTOPIA

average spending of PHOTOPIA visitors on photography and videography per year

  • 4,286 € Private visitors

  • 6,800 € Professional visitors

B2B Target Groups

  • Decision makers in the imaging, tech and mobile sectors (established and start-ups)
  • Retailers
  • Production studios
  • Professional photographers (established and newcomers)
  • Professional associations, societies, agencies, publishers
  • Social media professionals (YouTubers, vloggers, Instagrammers)
  • Artists and creatives

The PHOTOPIA Summit and Festival offer the imaging community countless meeting points and formats for information and discourse. The perfect opportunity for multipliers to maintain contact with colleagues and members.

B2C Target Groups

  • Semi-pros, photo enthusiasts and gear freaks
  • Hobby photographers and beginners
  • Smartphone photographers
  • Photographic-culture enthusiasts

PHOTOPIA Vision Space and PHOTOPIA Festival offer users inspiring surroundings and diverse experience formats to test new products. Enthusiasm for better experiences and higher-performance editing and storage solutions will drive people's interest in upgrading their own equipment. Starting with the beginner-level target group of smartphone photographers, PHOTOPIA Hamburg motivates each visitor to move to the next level.