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CEWE Photo Award 2023: Award winners suspended

Indonesian professional photographer Dikye Ariani was awarded the CEWE Photo Award 2023 for a supposedly authentic snapshot. CEWE has now suspended her award.

CEWE Photo Award 2023

With a snapshot of a card game scene in an Indonesian café - a "Warung Kopi" - Indonesian professional photographer Dikye Ariani has won the CEWE Photo Award 2023.

CEWE Photo Award: World's largest photo competition

With 509,612 photos submitted by amateurs and professionals from all over the world, this year's CEWE Photo Award is once again the world's largest photo competition.

CEWE: Truck on photo festival tour

As the leading photo service provider in Europe, CEWE is once again the official premium partner of numerous photo festivals this year. Many events at which CEWE will be present are on the program until November.

CEWE Photo Award 2023

The CEWE Photo Award connects photo enthusiasts - and celebrates the beauty of our world. The world's largest photo competition is starting its fifth round with the motto "Our world is beautiful", and photos can be submitted in ten exciting categories. Win the coveted award and one of 1,000 prizes…