Zhiyun: CRANE-M2S Gimbal

The CRANE-M2S distributed by Transcontinenta is a powerful gimbal for a wide range of cameras - and equipped with many useful features.

Gimbal manufacturer Zhiyun has introduced the CRANE-M2S, a gimbal that is small and very light, yet strong enough to support a variety of cameras.
Priced at 299 euros, the CRANE-M2S is the cheaper alternative to the CRANE-M3 for those who need a lighter, more manoeuvrable device and use smaller cameras and lenses. At the same time, it offers better features than the standard CRANE-M2, including significantly longer battery life, faster charging time, the ability to charge on the fly and simultaneously charge connected cameras, a built-in fill light and Zhiyun's Quick Release 4.0 technology.

Weighing in at 549g, the CRANE-M2S is easily portable, yet has the capacity to hold cameras up to the Sony A7SIII with a compact fixed focal length. Compared to the standard CRANE-M2, the lightweight housing is equipped with stronger motors and extended axles.
The CRANE-M2S fits comfortably in the hand and has a 0.66-inch display that shows real-time status and operating parameters of the camera and gimbal. Various operating modes are available, including Pan Follow, Follow, Lock, POV, Vortex, Go and more.

Built into the CRANE-M2S is a light of more than 1,000 lumens and five different brightness levels, as well as four colour filters.
With the quick-release technology of Zhiyun's flagship gimbals, the V-shaped design achieves greater working efficiency.
The CRANE-M2S supports USB PD fast charging up to 12W via its USB-C port, allowing it to be fully charged in just 100 minutes. This allows it to run for up to ten hours. For compatible devices, cameras can be connected directly via a USB-C cable for direct shutter control and to power the camera with up to 5V/1A.