Profoto - Connect Pro

If you want to use multiple flashes off-camera on set, you need not only a reliable trigger, but also the ability to control the devices. Profoto now offers the Connect Pro, which is more than just a remote control.

The large display of the Profoto Connect Pro is clearly designed and the TTL group control has been improved once again. When the Connect Pro is slid onto the camera's accessory shoe, it connects it to multiple flash units and allows control over flash settings via an AirX connection. The Connect Pro's group settings can optionally be mirrored to the Profoto Control app on an iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone. A total of 100 channels are available for light settings, avoiding problems in even the largest commercial studios.

Marko Pirc, Product Manager at Profoto: "Connect Pro and AirX are crucial core building blocks of the whole Profoto system. They are the key to a visual kingdom, so to speak. But that's not the end of our system ideas: we still have a lot planned with these components in the coming years!".