Photographers for Charity

Dear PHOTOPIA Family,

sometimes photography gets out of focus and becomes a side issue. Especially when you actively follow the terrifying news from our neighbouring countries to the east. The humanitarian consequences for Ukrainians are devastating. Several million people are already on the run - half of them children. Their situation is becoming more dramatic by the day.


Many feel powerless in the face of the situation, which escalates almost daily. But the photo scene, among others, does not surrender to the feeling of helplessness, but develops activities in diverse and creative ways. And this does not only mean those photographers who document the horror on site with their cameras, even though they deserve the utmost respect for risking their lives. This also refers to the many small and large initiatives that offer support to those affected.

Shortly after the outbreak of the war, photographers started print sales for the benefit of the people in Ukraine. Benefit photography auctions, such as the one at Vienna's Fotomuseum WestLicht with works by Austrian photographer Reiner Riedler, raised mid-five-figure donations, to name just one example. In response to the war in Ukraine, the CHAUSSEE 36 PHOTO FOUNDATION is staging the group exhibition In the Name of Freedom in cooperation with the photographers of the Ukrainian Women Photographers Organization for the benefit of those affected.

Perhaps the largest current initiative to support the people from the Urkaine is the project forCharity x you.
With this campaign "forCharity x you" ( ), the project "Photographers for Charity", founded by Nina Claussen-Dölle, Alexander Heinrichs and Sven Dölle, has started a joint fundraising campaign for UNICEF "Emergency Aid Ukraine". The United Nations Children's Fund is working on the ground to provide humanitarian aid: refugee families are supplied with food, hygiene articles, clothing and first aid kits and find shelter in safe havens along the escape routes.

Dozens of photographers, digital artists and content creators are currently organising workshops, webinars and photowalks under this umbrella until 21 May 2022. The proceeds from the events support the work of UNICEF in Ukraine. All offers will be presented on the event platform Here you can also find further information and opportunities to participate in the project.

The aim of the fundraising project is to rally the community behind a broad creative programme and to generate donations. However, the project is not only supported by many creatives, but also by photo organisations, photo retailers and the imaging industry, who have decided to participate. PHOTOPIA and its entire team would also like to set a sign of solidarity by participating in the joint donation pool. The status of all donations from the project can be viewed at UNICEF (

Here, once again, the humanitarian potential of photography is shown, not only in the form of pictures, but of communal activity. The photo scene does not surrender to the feeling of powerlessness, but takes the initiative.

Christian Popkes

picture: ©forCharity