No joke: PHOTOPIA gives away NFTs

You may have heard the term NFT before. It stands for Non-Fungible Token, meaning a non-exchangeable token. NFTs turn digital images into collectibles that are exhibited and traded in online galleries. PHOTOPIA Hamburg gives away NFT photographs as souvenirs to its visitors and helps them get started with the new technology.

NFT and related blockchain technology have revolutionized the market for digital art in recent years. While analog images are often unique, digital photos can usually be copied one-to-one as often as desired without the original being recognizable. They are therefore of no interest to collectors. In the case of NFT artworks, on the other hand, which can be found in online galleries and are traded on platforms such as OpenSea, the owner and original can be clearly identified.

PHOTOPIA makes it easier to get started

So far so good - but how do you get started trading NFTs? Newcomers are initially confronted with confusing terms such as minten, gas fee or Web3 and Metaverse. PHOTOPIA makes it easier for those interested to get started in this new world. Various photographers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland provide their works for the NFT project. The works will be presented on large monitors at the PHOTOPIA Summit. Some of the photo artists themselves will be on site in the exhibition halls and will be available for discussions. Other experts will help to create a wallet for the free NFT photo. The highlight: not only is NFT Photography itself free, but PHOTOPIA also covers the on-site transaction fees involved in creating the tokens. However, visitors to the Mint website can also secure an NFT for free without visiting PHOTOPIA, but will then have to pay the transaction fee. Which of the available digital collectibles the individual visitor receives is left to chance.

Only in the period of PHOTOPIA from October 13 to 16 the NFTs can be minted, but in this period it remains a secret from which photographer you will have a NFT in your wallet. Only after the end of the fair period, and on October 19, this secret will be revealed on Instagram and the website.

Cryptocurrency and Metamask Wallet: Step by step to the NFT

The NFT photographs given away by PHOTOPIA can be traded in the cryptocurrency Etherum through NFT platforms such as OpenSea ( Users are supported to create a metamask wallet. This wallet can be used to store cryptocurrencies and also NFTs. Only the owner of the wallet can access and trade the tokens.

Concept by André Wagner

The concept for the NFT project on PHOTOPIA was developed by Berlin-based photo artist André Wagner ( The implementation of the necessary components on the Ethereum Blockchain is done by PROCON IT from Garching. For the first steps in Web3, the setup of an own crypto wallet as well as help in obtaining the NFTs, the team of ALL IN NFT is available to support the visitors of PHOTOPIA. André Wagner: "I can still remember exactly how I blocked myself against all this newfangled stuff' not so long ago". "But at some point, not only as an artist but also as a collector, the incredible possibilities of this new technology opened up for me."

Maybe you feel the same way. If your interest has been piqued, you can take your first steps at PHOTOPIA - and later, of course, offer your own photos for sale as NFT!

Kamasi Washington, 2015 @Rainer Hosch

Self portrait @André Wagner