New applications for old lenses

Bellows units have been part of the core range in the NOVOFLEX program for more than 70 years. The universal bellows of the BALPRO series are among the high-end products in this segment. Numerous connection options for all common camera models and lens types ensure a wide range of applications. Now, with the PROMAM67, another lens adapter for Mamiya RB67 and RZ67 lenses has been added.

The PROMAM67 allows the use of Mamiya RB67 and RZ67 lenses on the universal bellows of the BALPRO series: BALPRO-1, BALPRO-T/S and CASTBAL-PRO. Both objective systems have large flanged dimensions (RB= 111 mm, RZ= 108 mm).
This means that, in conjunction with mirrorless cameras, it is now possible to focus shorter focal lengths to infinity on the bellows, such as the 4.5/50 mm and 4.0/65 mm secors from the RZ system. The 4.0/65 mm lens is also equipped with floating elements to enhance imaging performance. Both lenses are ideal for use in the studio and, in conjunction with the CASTBAL-PRO bellows attachment on the CASTEL-MICRO stepper motor-controlled focusing slide, as a high-quality stacking solution for product and object photography.
But longer focal lengths (180, 210 and 250mm) can also be put to good use. As an absolute novelty compared to the use of large format and enlarging lenses, these lenses can be used without extremely long bellows extensions, intermediate ring assemblies or combined bellows.
The scope of delivery of the PROMAM67 lens adapter includes an aperture clamping clip that ensures reliable stopping up and stopping down of the connected lenses. For this purpose, the clamp is hooked into the slider for determining the depth of field and fixed in the cable release connection. However, the central shutter of the lenses must be tightened by hand!
The PROMAM67 adapter is available immediately and costs 199 euros (recommended retail price).