Move System

With Move, Manfrotto offers a modular system of modules that can be combined with each other, providing maximum flexibility while reducing set-up times. The main component of Move is the Quick Release System, which, combined with other components such as the Gimbal 300XM, increases the speed on set.

Manfrotto's innovative Move Quick Release system allows you to quickly switch between different setups while maintaining stability. With system components such as the Gimbal 300XM, Gim-Pod and 496 Ball Head, the Move system allows you to quickly switch between photo and video heads, sliders, tripods and gimbals.

Quick Release
Move's concept is based on the Quick Release system, which, when attached to the various system components, allows you to quickly switch between them without having to screw parts on and off. Everything is done with a click that provides professional stability, regardless of how the equipment is used. One advantage of the Quick Release system is that it can connect different types of tripods thanks to its universal 3/8" connection. For example, Manfrotto tripods with sliders and different heads can be coupled. The modular 300XM Gimbal is particularly suitable for this purpose.

300XM Gimbal
The modular gimbal can be separated into drive and control units within a second. Once they are separated, a radio link is used. Since the stabilizing head of the 300XM contains the electronic controls, it can still communicate via a Bluetooth connection - even when used separately from the grip - to act as a fully remote-controlled shooting system.
Numerous individual configurations are possible. For example, by removing the 300XM's remote control handle and attaching it to the base of Manfrotto's Gimboom, it is possible to extend the stabilized shooting radius to just over two meters while maintaining full gimbal functionality.
This flexible design approach is supported by the gimbal's universal 3/8" threaded connections and the Manfrotto 501PL standard profile mount.
Additionally, the 300XM offers enhanced professional-level hardware and software functionality. While the electronic multi-function knob with A and B buttons allows videographers to mark shot points for easy and precise repeat shooting, the balance position memory index significantly shortens repositioning times when changing cameras. Thanks to an ergonomic joystick that enables precise operation, CSC and DSLR cameras with a payload of up to 3.4 kg can also be used during dynamic shoots.