Masking with AI

Skylum announces the release of Luminar Neo update 1.0.6. In addition to bug fixes and a histogram, the update features the long-awaited Mask AI function that simplifies and speeds up the editing process thanks to AI technologies.

Mask AI is an intelligent tool that eliminates the tedious and time-consuming work of manual masking. The software automatically detects not only the main subject, but also individual elements in a photo such as people, sky, architecture, transportation, flora, water, and mountains. As the AI continuously learns, more elements are added with steady use. Mask AI works in parallel with the manual painting, radial, and gradient masks already available in Luminar Neo. In case of undesirable results, the mask selection can be edited manually.

According to Ivan Kutanin, CEO of Skylum, "Luminar Neo, in its original conception, is a product designed to solve photographers' problems. I believe that with Mask AI we have achieved this goal. The technologies behind it help photographers save time spent on manual masking. Thus, it creates the opportunity to experiment and thus express themselves through images that are full of character."