Manfrotto - Chromakey backgrounds

Manfrotto Lighting Controls carries an extensive line of Chromakey backdrops and accessories, from the smallest foldable backdrop (1.5 x 1.8 m) to the 3 x 3 m modular StudioLink system to the industry-successful Panoramic Backdrop (4 x 2.3 m). New products include Vinyl Floor Strips, a flexible backdrop in two sizes, and Gaffer Tape in Chromakey Green.

The Manfrotto Panoramic, Chroma FX and StudioLink aluminum-framed backgrounds offer an all-in-one background with a large work surface that sets up in minutes and offers a variety of features and benefits. The background collection is ideal for video and filmmakers, as each background provides a portable, lightweight solution.

The latest models make it possible to build a portable chromakey studio that content creators can take anywhere and set up in minutes. The new vinyl background is available in two sizes: 4m x 1.37m and 2.75m x 6m. DAs Chromakey Gaffer Tape comes in roll goods 50 mm x 50 m long and is available individually or in larger master cartons. All three models are based on the standard Chromakey green.

The smaller 1.37m x 4m Chromakey Green vinyl background/floor strip becomes a modular background to match Manfrotto's popular green Chromakey background solutions such as the Panoramic, Chromakey FX and Studio Link. These compact casters are easy to transport due to their minimal length and can be used in a variety of configurations. They can be used individually, in a 2×2 group, 1×3 group, or in any size desired. The strips are wipeable, wrinkle-resistant and reusable. They also have a matte finish that prevents unwanted reflections and allows for seamless keying in post-production.