IKEA Artist in Residence: Annie Leibovitz – Life at Home

Renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz will be presenting her portrait project "Life at Home", created in collaboration with IKEA, at Paris Fashion Week next week. Leibovitz shows the homes of people from all over the world in intimate photographic portraits of their lives at home.

During her time as IKEA Artist in Residence, Leibovitz took 25 portraits of people in their homes in Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. From February 29 to March 3, IKEA will be presenting the resulting series for the first time at 28 Rue de Lappe near the Bastille in Paris. Portraits created by six up-and-coming photographers as part of a mentoring program between IKEA and Annie Leibovitz will also be on display. Annie Leibovitz: "In a way, our home is a mirror of ourselves.
The project was inspired by the findings of the annual IKEA Life at Home Report, which found that 48% of people worldwide feel that their home life is not represented in the media.