Fujifilm Instax mini Link 2

Following the launch of the new Instax mini Evo instant camera, Fujifilm is updating its instant printer range with the new Instax mini Link 2, which will be available from June 22, 2022, offering a wider range of creative ways to design and print Instax instant images.

Thanks to the new InstaxAiR function, the new mini Link 2 in combination with a smartphone and the mini Link app, which is available free of charge in the respective app store for iOS or Android, reacts to movements that are to be added to the instant picture as a drawing. As soon as the Instax mini Link 2 vibrates, it records the movements. Drawings can also be added to the instant images using the smartphone and the Instax mini Link app. There is also the option of video recording, where the drawing use of the AR effects is automatically recorded as a "making of" video and stored on the Instax instant picture via QR code.

Further design options are provided by a selection of frames and stickers. Collages are also possible. These can be added to the instant photo as desired with your own sketch or graphic in the app.

The Instax mini Link 2, like its predecessor, is small, lightweight and available in three different colors. The colored LED light on the Instax Button provides information about the mode and battery level of the printer. The function button on the top is used for virtual drawing. The Instax mini Link 2 is priced at 129.99 euros (MSRP). The Instax mini Film Spray Art, which is also new, costs 10.99 euros.