Fidlock Snapsnap - Magnet mechanical camera strap

Fidlock has developed its Snapsnap magnetic-mechanical camera strap, a mounting system for medium and large cameras with heavy lenses up to a payload of 10 kg.

The Snapsnap camera strap works as a carrying system with a (photo) backpack that provides balance when the strap and backpack connectors are engaged, as the weight is distributed. This keeps the strain off the neck. The comfortable, tear-resistant strap allows quick access to the camera.
The magnetic connectors are attached to the left and right shoulder straps of the backpack at chest level using the specially supplied silicone rings so that the magnetic openings point upwards and towards the body. The camera is attached as usual to the nylon straps of the strap with powder-coated stainless steel clips. When wearing the Snapsnap camera strap around the neck, guide the magnetic connectors built into the camera strap to snap into the magnetic counterparts on the photo backpack - the magnets automatically snap into place with a "click" sound. To release, the camera or the connectors built into the camera strap are pulled upwards - the magnetic mechanism releases automatically.
With a total length of 157 cm, a skin-friendly 26 cm long and 3 cm wide silicone neck support has been installed next to the two connectors, which can be freely slid along the strap. With the thermo-fixed nylon strap at the respective ends of the nylon cord and the four stainless steel clamps, the Snapsnap camera strap offers absolute safety and enough leeway to adjust the length between 92 - 150 cm.
The Snapsnap camera strap is available now in stores or at for 79.99 euros (MSRP).