EDDYCAM - EASY-Collection

The new EDDYCAM EASY collection combines a classic cut camera strap with fashionable design, finest elastic elk leather and high quality workmanship.

Originally, the EASY collection was developed for beginners in photography, whose set budget was almost exhausted by the purchase of camera equipment. "It was not an ergonomic, but a straight-cut camera strap made of black elk leather with a printed logo, which had a positive effect on the production costs and thus on the sales price," says Edlef Wienen, Managing Director of EDDYCAM e.K.. In practice, it turned out that photographers like to use the straight design, but do not want to compromise on quality, value and design. Therefore, the EASY collection has been fundamentally revised.
The black EDDYCAM EASY is now available not only with black stitching, but also with yellow, red and blue contrast stitching. In addition, they have a 45 mm wide leather support surface, which is equipped with natural rubber for greater wearing comfort. The straps and powder-coated stainless steel clasps are black to match the leather.
Those who find the contrasting colored stitching too subtle can also opt for the EASYmode black-natural. This EDDYCAM has an even softer leather on the inside in the color natural, which emphasizes the contrast to the black outer leather. The seams are fivefold stitched with light natural colored special thread.