The BFF, Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und Filmgestaltung e.V., invites you to FUTURE FLASH 2023 on June 17, 2023 with an exhibition of its members, presentations of its new honorary members Anton Corbijn and Esther Haase, as well as to the symposium of the BFF Academy under the motto BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY in Stuttgart.

The BFF Symposium BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY aims to show what the future of professional photography and filmmaking may look like. The BFF Academy wants to discuss in lectures and panel discussions with top-class speakers in the creative industry and clients from the business world.
In the lecture "Photography without a commission," curators and gallerists will discuss the question of how to earn money and be artistically successful with freelance photography projects. Berlin gallery owner Steffi Jäger interviews Esther Haase - a visionary of fashion photography and newly appointed BFF honorary member, about her path into applied photography and international art galleries. In the panel on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) for the imaging professions, BFF board member Axl Jansen explores the consequences and possibilities of AI in conversation with photographers, scientists and representatives of the business community. In the lecture "Cluster for Creative Economy," CLUK board member Olaf Deneberger (Frankfurt) will explain how context and creativity constructively complement each other. In the lecture "A unicorn among horses or the relevance of photographic positioning" Monica Menez and Alwin Maigler will present their different viewpoints in the world of fashion photography. Michael Schnabel will report on his eventful life as a photographer - and his path to the emotional image.
Tickets for the symposium* can be booked and further information accessed via the BFF AKADEMIE reservation tool.

*BFF FUTURE FLASH 2023, Sat. 17.06.2023, from 2 p.m., admission 10 euros