ARRI Orbiter Fresnel lens

ARRI is expanding its portfolio of Orbiter optics with the Orbiter Fresnel Lens 15-65°. This makes the LED spotlight even more versatile and complements the already available Orbiter open-face lenses in 15°, 30° and 60°.

The new stepped lens produces a precise circle of light with a soft shadow. The light output is comparable to that of ARRI's L10 L-Series and True Blue ST2/3 fixtures with a 2000 W incandescent lamp. The luminous character of the Fresnel is best appreciated with a large aperture and wide zoom range. Despite the large aperture, the body of the Orbiter Fresnel lens is compact (about 340 mm x 380 mm x 370 mm) and lightweight (about 4.5 kg). The lens diameter of 285 mm is the same as that of the True Blue ST2/3 and T5. The large zoom range of 15 to 65° is fully motorized and can be positioned either directly on the unit via the Orbiter Control Panel or via DMX/RDM or IP-based (ArtNet or sACN).

Equipped with a display, an LED status indicator and a high-resolution encoder, the stepped lens presents information clearly. The backlight of the display can be adjusted. Status information and zoom angles are available via metadata for maintenance and post-production purposes.

The Orbiter's Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) allows the Fresnel lens to be mounted securely and quickly. ARRI accessories such as the four- and eight-wing barndoors can be attached to the optics. In addition to the more than 300 pre-programmed gels available for Orbiter, physical gels can also be used.

The Orbiter Fresnel lens is available in black. To learn more about the new Orbiter Fresnel lens and the extensive range of Orbiter accessories, visit

Photo above: ARRI's new Orbiter Fresnel lens with a wide zoom range of 15 to 65°.