7. Pro Photographer Live Talks

The Sony Pro Photographer Live Talks are entering their seventh round. The interactive Zoom meetings offer the opportunity to ask questions directly to the participating professional photographers and the Sony Pro Team.

The Sony Pro Photographer Live Talks are webinars in which professional photographers of different genres give an insight into their work for one hour each and also give practical tips. The free Live Talk is moderated by Alpha Universe Ambassador Steffen Böttcher, also known as Stilpirat.
The talk round will also be accompanied by the Sony Pro Team, which will answer questions in parallel in the chat or forward them to the respective guest.
The eight episodes will take place online via Zoom every Tuesday from 6-7 p.m. starting May 10.

The first four talk guests are:

- 05/10/2022 - Erik Chmil - Automotive Photography - www.erik-chmil.de

- 05/17/2022 - Hannah Bichay - Advertising Photography - www.hannahbichay.com

- 05/24/2022 - Salomon Schulz - Video - www.frameland.com (coming soon)

- 31.05.2022 - Alina and Patrick - wedding photography www.alinaundpatrick.de


The previous Talks can be seen here: